Pardon our dust. Website under development (4/30)

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TODO: definitely replace that image lol. It's the only headshot I had on short notice.

I've been fascinated by technology for my entire life. The complexity of the devices we use every day is seemingly infinite, and exploring their functionality is extremely rewarding. Bascially everything I do and everything I put on this website was born of some discovery I made. I learned programming because I wanted to be able to create things I would enjoy. I create videos because I find the process of writing, filming and editing fascinating, with endless possibilities. I set up my website on an old computer from Ebay because I wanted to gain a new understanding of how web hosting works. (It sucks.)

This is just some bottom text to make sure the bottom display thing works so I have to fill this up with a whole bunch of text to make sure it spans the entirety of the webpage and not just a small portion of it, which wouldn't properly exemplify the size of the div. Let's see just how much meaningless text I can possibly fit into a single paragraph before I run out of pointless yet cohesive sentences to include. Who knows, maybe I'll never run out of ideas and this paragraph will just go on and on. There's honestly not much of a reason to keep reading this since it won't provide anything of entertainment value. You should definitely just go watch a video instead or something, it'll probably be worth your time.